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Must Have Fashion Items to Lift Your Dressing Game In 2021!

Updated: Feb 16

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Let’s be very honest, 2020 hardly gave anyone the opportunity to dress up and reveal their fashion looks, no? So, from the very beginning, it was absolutely evident that no one would keep a hold on their fashion looks this time year around.

Talking about must-have items, then here is what we think will be a great add to our 2021 wardrobe. Let’s dive straight into it.

1. 70s Looks Are Back to Takeover Fashion In 2021

Flared jeans, oversized coats, and button-down shirts, who aren’t already up for this look? 70s fashion looks are all about being chic, stylish, and at the A-game of your fashion.

Furthermore, it includes lots of warms tones like browns, burnt orange, and earthy tones. These intimate colors are what you need to add to look stylish and on the trend bandwagon.

2. Statement Shoulders Are the New Bold

One thing that we are really going to take away from the year 2020 is bold shoulders. When all you were showing to the world was your upper half of the clothing through Zoom meetings, it was no brainer that bold shoulders would be something that will help you stand out. It seems like this fashion trend will be a more significant thing in 2021.

Next time you see padded shoulder tops, puffed sleeves, or shy-high shoulders, grab them instantly without a doubt.

This fashion trend is highly supported by Fashion guru houses like Balmain, Balenciaga, and Givenchy.

3. High Boots with A Twist

High boots have been a staple for some years now. But this time, it has evolved like any other fashion trend. Now, lace-up boots are something that will grab all the attention.

The monochrome laid back dresses with fancy shoes are what’s in the trend mostly. Maybe, it's high time you spend some bucks on sexy lace-up high boots because it worth every penny.

Want to know what another high boot style you can purchase without losing the element of uniqueness? White knee- length high boots. Something chic, cool, and modest at the same time.

4. A Glimpse at What Type Of Bottoms/Pants You Should Get Your Hands On

We can’t ignore the fact that while being locked up in our house during the pandemic, all the clothes we wore were screaming comfort. Don’t you all agree that we are too much used to it? Not to worry, you can wear loose bottoms or pants and still manage to look stylish.

Two 2021 fashion items you need to splurge on are straight cut pants and oversized trousers. Straight cut pants are not too fitted but aren’t like bootcut either. Hence, they look very structured and at gives you a poised look.

Whereas you can style oversized pants with a slim coat or button-down shirt to give a sophisticated look.

5. Double Chain Cross-Body Bags

There is no way we don’t talk about the handbags when it comes to must-have 2021 fashion items. Times have finally gone, where you would see models crashing the ramps with very ting bags. After the pandemic hit, people and brands are considering practical fashion. Double chain bags in basic colors like black or beige can go a long way. They will look elegant, classy, and, most importantly, fashionable. What else do you need?

In Nutshell

2021 must-have fashion items will be all about clothing stuff and accessories, which you are comfortable wearing and something that will reflect your personal style.

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